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1. Enter your email string.
2. Select/upload/enter email domain name. (JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP format only).
3. Upload image must be in height 21 pixels, auto-resize will only blur your nice image.
4. Select font style.
5. Press "Generate Now".
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3. Font Style Selection: *
Bradley Hand ITC (Open Type)
Castellar (Open Type)
Comic Sans MS (Open Type)
Courier New (Open Type)
Curlz MT (Open Type)
Forte (Open Type)
French Script MT (Open Type)
Georgia (Open Type)
Impact (Open Type)
Kartika (Open Type)
Maiandra GD (Open Type)
Monotype Corsiva (Open Type)
Palatino Linotype (Open Type)
Papyrus (Open Type)
Rockwell (Open Type)
Script MT Bold (Open Type)
Tahoma (Open Type)
Times New Roman (Open Type)
Trebuchet MS (Open Type)
Verdana (Open Type)
Vrinda (Open Type)

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