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Qr Code is type of Barcode that you use on your website. This type of barcode you can read by mobile phones like iphone or all with Android system. Inside you can insert some information like link, text, email address, phone number, contact information and these messages can be read by smartphone with barcode scanner.

1. Select type to generate Qr Code.
2. Enter the value to particular text boxes or text fields.
3. Enter the desired size in pixels (Integer and Max. 500 only).
4. Press "Generate Now" button to generate the Qr Code.
5. Qr Code displayed, Now click "Download Now" button to download the Qr Code.
Examples: Various Examples.
Legend: * Compulsory Entry.
This service is based on Google Api and we don't keep image file.
* Select type
Link Text SMS Bookmark Phone number Contact information
Email Geographical information Wifi Network config Business Card

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